Drinking Organic Milk Can Improve Quality of Brain

Fortunately you are diligent to drink milk every day. In addition to strengthening bones,turned out to milk the brain can repair quality.

The statement was based on a study that found people who regularly drink milk orproducts made ??from processed milk such as yogurt, cheese, ice cream and get better testresults in the test examiner their brain power.

The scientists gave questionnaires to 972 men and women to fill out detailed surveysabout their diet, including how often they consumed dairy products.

Subjects aged 23 to 98 years, then completed the eight series of rigorous tests to check the concentration, memory, and ability to learn them.

The study, published in the International Dairy Journal shows adults who consume dairy products at least five or six times a week is much better in following the memory test than those who rarely eat or drink dairy products.

As reported by Dailymail, the researchers say, ”This is a new reason why starting the daywith a glass of low-fat milk-fat or fat-free is a good thing because the benefits to brain health.

In some tests, adults who rarely consume dairy products five times more likely to fail than those who consumed at least two to four times a week.

Researchers from the University of Maine, United States, believe certain nutrients in dairy products, such as magnesium may help to prevent memory loss. They also suspect dairy foods may help protect against heart disease and high blood pressure, which in turnmaintain the brain’s ability to function properly.