Hidden facts about soft drinks

Soft drinks or carbonated soft drinks, it was fresh and delicious especially when cold. It’s just behind the freshness of the drink offerings very risky.

The average sugar content of 8-12teaspoons, a number of very dangerous for health.

In order not to be curious and maintain health from now on, the following facts hiddenfrom the enjoyment of a bottle of soft drinks:

Drain the water content in the body

Soft drinks such as diuretics that actually suck the water levels in the body. Processing ofhigh levels of sugar in soft drinks can be overcome by drinking 8-12 glasses of water forevery bottle you drink soft drinks.

Can not eliminate thirst

This is because soft drinks are not needed by the body of water. With still no watersupply in our bodies continues – will consistently lead to chronic cellular dehydration, a condition that weakens the body at a serious level.

Destroy the essential minerals in the body

Soft drink made ??from purified water that also leach vital minerals from the body. Mineral deficiencies can lead to serious heart disease (magnesium deficiency), osteoporosis(calcium deficiency) and more.

Can clean the rust

Cola can remove rust from car bumpers and other metal objects. Imagine what would happen to the digestive function and other organs.

Affect digestion

Caffeine and high amounts of sugar that can stop the digestive process. This means the body’s metabolism can be inhibited.