Sunshine Trigger Cataracts

Besides the age factor, the main trigger of a cataract is ultraviolet light (sunlight).Residents are encouraged to use a protective order to the number of patients can be minimized.

Chairman of the Association of Optometrist Indonesia Palembang Branch, Dr. Dr. Anang Tribowo revealed an increase in the number of digits of blindness in South Sumatra. Main trigger cataracts. Recorded from the 7.44 million residents of South Sumatra nearly 111,695 people are blind and people suffering from cataracts 58.08.

“If we calculate nearly 1.5 percent of South Sumatra suffered from blindness, and predicted the numbers will continue to rise at the end of 2011, later on,” detailed Anang.
Special in Palembang, continued Sam, with blindness of soul and almost reached 21 793 11 332 cataracts of the total 1.452 million people of Palembang. In terms of number, he said, this figure includes a high and must be aware of all ages.

“Do not think it belongs only to cataract parents, children and even adults aged a lot. So I said that this disease can not be prevented but their impact can be minimized,” beber Anang during exposure anticipation of blindness in the Parameswara.

Anang reveal it before the people and the ranks of physicians who bernaun in Palembang City Health Office. Anang detailing, from the causes of eye disorders and research due to the emergence of the front layer of the cornea is due to radiation or the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Even so the trigger is the highest.

“So we’ll let that residents are activities outside always use eye protection so that light does not directly contact the eyes, such as using goggles because of the survey we just finished the main drivers of the ultraviolet,” detailed Anang dr. In addition, diet, age, nutrition and environmental cleanliness levels. Do not forget, he added, is a genetic or hereditary factors as well as certain penyakitcpenyakit.

It is said Sam, if a parent suffering from cataracts nearly 30 percent of the disease will be passed on to the children and keturunanya. Likewise patients with hypertension and diabetes probably 40 percent also suffer cataracts.

“Come in old age or over 50 years, an indication of cataract would appear. And nearly 80 percent of cataract patients are elderly with a history of the disease, both the family and direct descendants,” said Dr. Anang.

Then how to handle this disease has also emerged. Said Dr. Sam, there is no other way except surgical removal or release of the membrane. ”Mandatory operation, about the cost varies depending on equipment and facilities at the hospital, if the standard cost Rp 3 to Rp 7.5 million,” he said.