Use a Chirp Wheel to Stretch Back and Heal Back Pain

The Chirp Wheel is a great device to help you stretch your back from the comfort of your home. We found a great Chirp Wheel Review online to help you decide if it works for you.

As a pediatric physical therapist I spend a significant part of my day stretching, manipulating, and educating my patients about the importance of “stretching back”. These children have been diagnosed with such conditions as cerebral palsy, scoliosis, lumbar deformity, and neuromuscular disease. It goes without saying that these kids have a significant amount of muscle tightness and general body asymmetry. So what’s stretching back? At the root of it all we are trying to lengthen shortened structures while assisting in the development of ligaments and fascia. We are ensuring the hips move through not only all ranges of motion but also optimize those ranges as well.

So whatever you do whether stretching backwards or stretching forwards it is supposed to be easy, relaxed and enjoyable so you should never feel pain when practicing any stretch if you should feel discomfort then you need to stop and rest and then try again. You also definitely need someone to help you with some of the stretches.

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